CripJustice organizes and advocates around the intersections of disability and policing/incarceration in all of its forms (such as hospitals, psychiatric institutions, child protective services, schools, jails and prisons).  We also support the creation of transformative community care systems outside of the criminal legal system.  Our work includes:

  • “Disabled and punished” campaigns to free people with disabilities who are justice-involved due to systemic police violence and incompetence.
  • “Stolen lives” of disabled people due to police brutality and prison conditions.

  • Justice and mutual aid campaigns seeking law enforcement accountability and support of incarcerated individuals.

  • Involuntary psychiatric admissions

  • Conditions in residential settings for justice-involved youth, and for youth and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, especially those under conservatorship/guardianship

  • The mental health crisis in so-called correctional institutions globally, but especially in the US.

  • Criminal justice reform from the grassroots level all the way to federal policy.

  • Other issues at this intersection such as anti-racism, anti-capitalism, immigration/the border crisis, climate crisis, reproductive rights, and queer advocacy.

Medical Incarceration is involuntary or non-consensual detainment including, but not limited to:

  • Psychiatric hospitalization

  • “Assisted living facilities” and nursing homes

  • Group homes/residential facilities and conservatorships/guardianships

  • Use of solitary confinement within jails/prisons “for the inmate’s own safety” related to mental and/or physical health

  • Use of solitary as “protection” for LGBTQIA2S community members 

  • Death penalty sentences for those who are disabled by mental illness and/or intellectual disability

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