Abolition Must Include Psychiatry – by Stella Akua Mensah and Stefanie Lyn Kaufman-Mthimkhulu

“Prison culture is not solvable by ‘funding the mental health system’ more robustly. The mental ‘health’ system is fundamentally carceral, meaning that it is one of the many kindred systems that function to contain and surveil people, take away their locus of control, isolate them from their communities, and limit their freedom. As it functions in America and in all places touched by colonialism, psychiatry is rooted in torture, white supremacy, and a culture of shame and punishment. Yes, the asylum lives on — and the police love the asylum. Abolition means that all the cages come down, including those that function under the guise of psychiatric ‘care.’” Read more in this post from the Disability Visibility Project here.


Abolish Prisons

Mental Health Courts

Mental health courts (MHCs) are specialized programs designed to address the legal issues and treatment needs of individuals with mental health disabilities and substance use

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