Alabama: AMI Kids equips youth & families to overcome barriers toward more positive future

Reporting from the Greenville Advocate: “According to regional director and licensed clinical social worker, Korah Skuce, since 2018, AMI has offered comprehensive services nationwide, from preventative to residential programs.

AMI partners with the Alabama Department of Youth Services to offer family services like Functional Family Therapy (FFT), a nationally recognized, family- and community-based model designed to reduce recidivism rates and provide a return on the community’s investment.”

“In 2020, 76% of families referred to AMI completed FFT. Of those, 77% remained crime-free a year later.

“By utilizing FFT, there’s less reliance on state emergency services like 911, law enforcement, psychiatric hospitals, and detention centers,” Skuce explained. “Youth and families that complete the FFT model show improvement in academic attendance and graduation rates. We get reduction of out of home placements, substance use, and mental health symptoms, and so [we see] less re-offenses once [youths] complete the program.”

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