Brussels: Innovative Mental Health Support

Picture of woman by a door in Brussels

A mobile team in Brussels, Belgium that supports people with psychosocial disabilities, or mental health conditions, in their own homes offers an innovative rights-based alternative to residential psychiatric care. Article from Human Rights Watch can be found here.

Use of Force is Wrong Response to Mental Health

Woman at memorial with sign that says Black Lives Matter

“State and local governments should end the use of police to respond to incidents involving people experiencing mental health crises and instead implement non-coercive, supportive interventions. This can include response teams designed to connect, build rapport, and de-escalate stressful situations. Investment in communities, including accessible, affordable mental health services and support to address social issues […]

Montgomery County Shifting Police Funds to Mental Health Responders

Montgomery County created a crisis center in July of 2020. Montgomery County Council President Tom Hucker spearheaded the redirecting of $600,000 in funding to expand their Mobile Crisis Team. The Crisis Team is a two-person, 24-hour service that responds to non-violent situations. Now there are three Mobile Crisis Teams with a total of six staff. […]

Work Needed To Prevent Sexual Abuse Of People With Disabilities

Sexual violence is a pervasive public health issue that disproportionately affects individuals with intellectual disabilities. The Bureau of Justice indicate that the rate of rape and sexual assault against individuals with intellectual disabilities is more than seven times the rate of individuals without disabilities. The Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council has been working on practices […]

LAPD Being Sued for Killing Man Struggling with Mental Health

Victor Valencia was a 31 year-old Latino man mistaken for an armed Black man. Police were called and fatally shot Victor who was actually carrying a bicycle part. The son and parents of Victor Valencia, allege in their lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, that Victor presented no threat and that his rights were violated […]

Victor Valencia

Victor Valencia

Victor was a 31 year-old Latino man, and was struggling with mental health issues. He appeared to be talking to himself at a gas station holding what appeared to be a gun. Police were called by witnesses stating Victor was an armed black man. Victor was walking towards Venice Boulevard towards a food truck when […]

James Anderson

James Anderson

Pamela Anderson called police to her home because her son, James, had stopped taking his medication for a “mild mental illness” and she wanted them to escort him to a hospital, as police had done in the past. She explained that her son was unarmed and not violent,. When officers arrived she was waiting on […]

Maryland police reform measure would repeal police legal protections

Maryland Capitol Building

In 1974 Maryland enacted the state‚Äôs Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights. This protects police officers from investigation and prosecution from their work conduct. This is a common police protection in many states. One of the police reforms bills proposed in Maryland would repeal this law. Police reform advocates are advocating for a new model […]