Boulder County Jail inmate with psychiatric disability sues deputies shown punching, kicking him in video

From Boulder’s Daily Camera, Amy Bounds reports on jail staff responding to behavioral challenges with brutality:
“During the April 4 incident captured on the body camera, Termin was alone in a locked room when he spit on the window as deputy Taylor walked by, Jurdem said. Taylor responded by bringing in two other officers and repeatedly punching him and, after he fell to the ground, kicking him, Jurdem said.

Deputy Sheppard held Termin’s arms, preventing him from protecting himself, while Deputy Moore failed to intervene, according to the lawsuit. Termin also was handcuffed, in leg irons with a belly chain, and wearing only underwear and flip flops when the incident happened, according to the lawsuit.

Jurdem said the deputies should have responded to the aggressive behavior by arranging for emergency treatment, allowing a doctor to determine what was needed.”