Bradley Robert Van Heeswyk
Pleasant Hill Shooting

Bradley Robert Van Heeswyk was 25 years old who consistently struggled with mental health. Despite having a well-documented history of mental health issues, he was able to purchase an AK-47 at a gun shop. Shortly afterwards he was caught streaking in the streets shooting at dogs.

When officers arrived at Van Heeswyk’s home where they found Heeswyk naked in a backyard with an AK-47 raised above his head. Pleasant Hill officer Steven Burroughs ordered the man to drop the rifle and then fired a single shot from his shotgun, according to a news release from the county attorney’s office.

Van Heeswyk was killed with the single shot. He had killed two dogs before the incident with police.

Officers on the scene provided medical assistance, but Van Heeswyk died at an area hospital.


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