California “CARE Court” Forces Unhoused People into Treatment

Mad In America: “California Governor Gavin Newsom’s so-called “CARE Court” plan creates a new court system that subjects unhoused people with mental health disabilities to involuntary treatment. In a recent response, the civil rights advocacy group American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) stresses that the solution to California’s homelessness crisis is permanent housing and dignified care, not compulsory mental health treatment.”

ACLU Homelessness policy analyst Eve Garrow and Staff Attorney Kath Rogers write:

“The harms of the ‘CARE Court’ framework will inevitably fall hardest on Black, brown, and Indigenous people, who are routinely misdiagnosed with serious mental health disabilities. Entangling people in the legal system would traumatize those most heavily impacted by our failed systems.”

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Mental Health Courts

Mental health courts (MHCs) are specialized programs designed to address the legal issues and treatment needs of individuals with mental health disabilities and substance use

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