Daniel Kauwe

Daniel Kauwe is a person with disabilities currently incarcerated in Orange County, California, while awaiting trial.  Please send letters of support or commissary funds to support his disability-related diet needs to: Daniel Kauwe Booking #3136618 Orange County Sheriff’s Department550 N. Flower St.Santa Ana, Ca. 92703  Commissary Funds must be sent in a money order payable to the “County of Orange – Sheriff’s […]

Philip Harlow

Philip Harlow is a disabled adult with autism. On 10/25/2020, who was arrested by the Wichita Falls, TX police department for scratching a police car.  He tried to explain the incident was related to his disabilities, but he was ridiculed and harassed by the police.   While awaiting trial, the police have continued to harass him.  […]

Taliya Taylor

During a mental health crisis, Tailya Taylor accidentally hit someone while she was driving and killed him.  Tailya’s mental health crisis was not considered during the sentencing and she was sentenced to 20+ years in prison. Send letters of support to: Taliya Taylor (#08G1184)Bedford Hills Correctional FacilityPO Box 1000Bedford Hills, NY 10507  (no petition yet for […]

Raul Garcia

Raul Garcia is a brown male from La Puente, California, who has been incarcerated at Twin towers since October 30, 2020 due to a mental crisis. Raul has been waiting to enter a mental health diversion program in LA county. While in custody, he has been denied by three programs. Raul has been incarcerated all […]

Darik Schaaf

Drawing of Darik Schaaf with his dog that says Free Darik

Darik Schaaf is a young Black man with no prior criminal record who was arrested after a mental health crisis in the Spring of 2019 in Riverside County, California. While in custody, Darik has not received necessary mental health care and has been exposed to COVID and ongoing violence. Instead of allowing Darik to enter […]