Esteban Banuelos

Esteban Banuelos

On behalf of Esteban Banuelos, we are urgently seeking support to advocate for his release and access to essential mental health treatment. Esteban’s Partner, Lisette, shares: My partner, Esteban Banuelos, has been enduring the profound effects of mental illness following a traumatic brain injury sustained four years ago in a car accident. Despite the initial […]

Garfield Green

Garfield Green

Garfield Green, our community member, is currently detained at Krome Detention Facility. He has experienced severe medical neglect and a lack of care during his time there. Green is an amputee and his prosthetic leg was lost when he was transferred from a Kansas Detention Center to Krome. In the last few weeks, he has […]

Jonathan Garcia

Jonathan Garcia

Join us in advocating for the mental health treatment and release of Jonathan Garcia, CDCR AN0345, currently incarcerated within CDCR. His case highlights the critical need for comprehensive mental health care and compassion in our correctional facilities. Jonathan’s mental health has rapidly deteriorated due to the lack of intervention and support during his time in […]

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is currently at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles. He claims the FBI set him up with conspiracy charges and are now refusing basic caregiving. Andrew recently had a hip replacement three days before going into the MDC. The staff are not physically supporting his current disability. This has further exasperated his […]

Kenneth Fisher

Chart that shows that most people in die in jail die in the first month of incarceration.

Kenneth Fisher is a person with multiple disabilities. He has been subject to extreme medical negligence. In particular, despite the fact that he has a court order to receive medical treatment, the Bureau of Prisons are still refusing to provide him medical care. Mr. Fisher would like people to know his full story, which can […]

Kourtnee Russo

Picture of face of Kourtnee Russo

Kourtnee Russo (22 years) was arrested for “harassment of a public servant in Brazoria County, Texas, while having a psychotic episode. The police officer did not de-escalate the situation, and Kourtnee was arrested for spitting on a police officer.  She was placed on three 3-months probation, but was not given mental health support.  She then […]

Camran Mohammed

Picture of Camran Mohammed doing a selfie

Camran Mohammed is a poor, Asian American gay man with psychiatric disabilities currently incarcerated at Theo Lacy in Orange County, California. The state is trying force him to use medication that Camran believes has detrimental impacts on his health. People with psychiatric disabilities deserve to have their personal autonomy respected. Please attend his court hearing […]

Jose Armendariz

UPDATE: Jose is now free! Thank you all for your support that enabled his freedom. Jose Armendariz is currently incarcerated in Theo Lacy Facility in Orange, CA. He is a type 1 diabetic with stage 2 chronic kidney disease and he’s ABA because he has a damaged knee. He has been consistently denied the medical care and […]

Daniel Kauwe

Update:  Good news! Daniel Kauwe was found not guilty by means of insanity and was released into a mental health facility, which is what he was fighting for. He is still advocating for changes in the Orange County jail system with respect to psychiatric care.  He can now be reached at: Daniel Kauwe, AT #075537-4, […]

Philip Harlow

UPDATE FROM PHILIP HARLOW HERE. Philip Harlow is a disabled adult with autism. On 10/25/2020, who was arrested by the Wichita Falls, TX police department for scratching a police car.  He tried to explain the incident was related to his disabilities, but he was ridiculed and harassed by the police.   While awaiting trial, the police […]