Provincetown Police Department Implementing Body Cameras

The Provincetown Police Department will deploy body-worn cameras on all police officers starting Dec. 1, which the town said adds another layer of transparency to law enforcement and brings them in line with the 2020 Massachusetts police reform law. Officers will not face disciplinary actions for policy violations in the first 90 days to give law […]

Akron Police Department Reimplementing Dashboard Cameras

Dashboard cameras are back in Akron Police Department vehicles roughly five years after officials retired the devices. Calls for police reform, including the installation of dash cameras, came after the 2022 chase and fatal shooting of Jayland Walker. Officer-worn body cameras did not capture the full images of what happened outside the cruisers during the […]

Improper Facility Holding Lead to Death of Man with Disabilities

Jurors at a coroner’s inquest are hearing that a mentally ill man who died in an Ontario jail cell in 2016 should not have been held at that facility. Coroner’s counsel Prabhu Rajan delivered his opening statement this morning on the first day of the inquest into the death of Soleiman Faqiri. Rajan told jurors […]

Police Officer Ruled Justified for Handcuffing 12-year-old Autistic Student.

Orlando, Fl. The DeLand Police Department has reviewed the handcuffing of a 12-year-old autistic student, and ruled it within protocol, though the officer was punished for other actions. Last month, Danielle Torres’ son A.J. experienced a mental health crisis at DeLand Middle School. According to the police report, he was aggressive toward others and battered […]

Maryland Police Dragging Paralyzed Man from Car


A Maryland local who was wheelchair bound was pulled out of his car on September 25 by an officer. The officer told the disabled man that he needed to get out of the car, and the disabled man informed him that he was paralyzed. Undeterred, the officer proceeded to pull the man out of the […]

McAlpin Parents Grieving the Death of Their Child Resulting from Police Brutality

Daniel McAlpin

Daniel McAlpin was a 41 year-old suffering from mental illness. He would have hallucinations that evil spirits lived within his house. McAlpin’ parents said McAlpin had a history of mental illness and was diagnosed with “anxiety disorder” two years before the shooting. In early March, 2020, McAlpin’s parents called state police their son’s mental health […]

Albany County Refusing to Provide Public Records for Wrongful Death Settlement for Robbie Ramirez

Robbie Ramirez

A wrongful death settlement resulting from a controversial law-enforcement killing should remain secret, lawyers for Albany County argued today in newly filed court documents. That’s despite a recent Wyoming Supreme Court ruling that suggests such agreements with government entities are public records.  Albany County made clear it does not want to produce public documents detailing […]

Government Shutdown Impacts On Federal Prisons

Short white buildings behind a barbed wire fence with a parking lot, and trees in the foreground.

In our newsletter this week, we looked at some of the Stolen Lives from Butner Federal Medical Center in North Carolina, the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) main cancer treatment facility. This information comes from an NPR article that also goes into detail around why staff shortages specifically heighten the already startling inadequacies of the […]

Fatal Shooting of Man with Suffering from Mental Health

Pleasant Hill Shooting

Polk County Attorney Kimberly Graham determined that a fatal Aug. 12 shooting of a man by a Pleasant Hill police officer was justified under Iowa law. Graham announced her findings on Wednesday afternoon. Officers arrived at Van Heeswyk’s home where they found Heeswyk naked in a backyard with an AK-47 raised above his head. Pleasant Hill officer […]