Committee rejects proposal to study alternatives to riot control weaponry

After Blake’s shooting, protesters took to the streets condemning police response. After a year, a proposal was introduced to the Kenosha Public Safety and Welfare Committee. The Kenosha Public Safety and Welfare Committee voted 5-0 on a proposal focusing on alternatives to tear gas and rubber bullets. Often referred to as “riot control agents” and […]

Washington State Police Reform

The Washington State Legislature has passed sweeping police reform laws as community policing policies and practices have been placed under scrutiny. A handful of police reform bills were passed during the 2021 legislative session and beginning on July 25.The law aims to reduce use-of-force usage by police and limit the amount of physical force necessary. […]

Police Response and Transportation Reform for LA Metro

Stephanie Wiggins

New CEO Stephanie Wiggins announced Wesnesday that LA Metro officials will stop focusing on law enforcement as a primary way response for homeless people within the transportation system. This announcement came after the introduction of the 23-month pilot program that would make buses and trains free for students in the short-term and free for low-income […]

Sexual Assault Against People with Disabilities Unlikely to Reach Courts

(Tasmania, Australia) A state sexual abuse support service says reports to police of sexual violence against Tasmanians with a disability are often not prosecuted in court. The sexual Assault Support Service chief executive said 25 per cent of women with a disability had experience some form of sexual violence compared to 15 per cent of […]

Confirmed Homicide of Person with Disability Ruled Justified

Jail Custody Death Texas

Marvin Scott was a 26 year-old African American suffering from Schizophrenia. Marvin used marijuana as a medication for his condition. At an outlet mall in Allen, Texas, Marvin was arrested on a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge. The officers first took Scott to a local hospital because he was reportedly acting erratically. He was subsequently released […]

Mental Health Bill Introduced to Congress

U.S Capitol Building

A new bill is being introduced to Congress called the People’s Response Act which focuses on mental health. The bill will create a federal agency that would limit law enforcement responses by increasing the amount of community systems led by health officials. This will lead to mental health experts responding to mental health emergencies instead […]

Inhumane Living Conditions for Displaced Haitians with Disabilities

Haitians with Disabilities

(Port-au-Prince, Haiti) A communal school in Pétion-Ville hosts hundreds of Haitians with disabilities. According to the residents, the school is devoidof basic social services such as water, hygiene and food. “When we got here, there was dust everywhere. So far the space is dirty. We are packed like sardines to sleep. This is our situation […]