Youth Justice By The Numbers

A graph showing the growth of youth held in juvenile justice facilities

Josh Rovner, the Director of Youth Justice, authored this briefing paper as part of the campaign titled “50 Years and a Wake Up: Ending The Mass Incarceration Crisis In America.” The campaign aims to shed light on the critical condition of the criminal legal system in the country, the detrimental effects of incarceration on communities […]

Western Australia: “The system is the real “terror” in youth justice”

Person wearing a black shirt stands in an outdoor setting, holding up a black sign with "Close Down Banksia Hills Detention Centre."

“How can the West Australian Premier Mark McGowan get away with describing a group of kids with disabilities as “terrorists”? Especially when we know that many of them grew up in the care and under the control of his own State’s Child Protection system.” Recent reports have shed light on the dire conditions and mistreatment […]

Prison Health Data

A map of the world, featuring a yellow abstract texture pattern. The background of the image is white and there are no faces or objects visible in the picture. The dominant colors in this image are white and yellow.

Analysis from Data For Democracy – Prison Health: A Deep Dive into the Healthcare of the US Jail System With the United States having the highest number of incarcerated individuals globally, the provision of healthcare services within prisons has a direct impact on a significant portion of the population. In this article, Data For Democracy […]

Why NYPD “Training” Won’t Protect Autistic New Yorkers

Picture of face of New York City Mayor Eric Adams

Last week, New York City’s mayor signed a new bill requiring autism awareness training for police officers. But no amount of training can change the violence, racism, and ableism at the heart of policing.More from Olivia Wood in Left Voice here.

“Restarting your life after prison: Providing Medicaid at reentry can help”

According to this opinion piece: “Justice-involved people have higher rates of physical and mental health problems, from hypertension to asthma, cancer, infectious diseases and substance use disorders. Once released from jail or prison, they lose medications for such conditions, and reestablishing prescriptions, supportive care and health coverage is a slow and frustrating process. But now New […]

“CA Supreme Court rejects disability advocates’ bid to block Newsom mental health court”

Via The Sacramento Bee “Gov. Gavin Newsom will be allowed to establish a system of mental health courts after a lawsuit brought by disability rights advocates failed to block it from moving forward. The California Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled it would not prevent California counties from implementing Newsom’s Community Assistance, Recovery and Empowerment, or CARE, […]