Charles Byers
Charles Byers

Charles Byers, who goes by Charlie, was shot and killed by Chesterfield Police during a mental health crisis. Charlie is a 34 year-old who has a long track record of struggling with mental health.

On July 8th, Chesterfield Police received reports regarding Charlie breaking into homes with a hatchet. When Charlie did not comply with officers’ commands to drop the weapon, they attempted to taser him. The taser proved in-effective and the police officers used deadly force which resulted in Charlie’s death.

But just days before the shooting, on July 6, Byers was receiving emergency mental health care at Chippenham Hospital’s Tucker Pavilion under a temporary detention order (TDO).

Though the TDO was served on July 6, his family had taken him to Chippenham the day before for mental health treatment, according to police.

However, three hours after Byers had been delivered to the psychiatric facility under the TDO, Byers was arrested and removed from the hospital by Richmond Police for allegedly assaulting a healthcare worker– an assault that involved no injuries and no weapons, according to the incident report.

Byers was then taken to the city jail and went before a magistrate, who released Byers on his own recognizance around 10 p.m. on July 6.

Less than 48 hours later was when Byers died following his confrontation with Chesterfield Police.


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