Charlie McGillvary
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Charlie McGillvary was a 45 year old man who had a developmental disability and a heart condition.  In August 2011, Toronto police tackled him because they mistook him for another person who violated his bail conditions.  His mother tried to intervene and let them know they had the wrong person but she was ignored.  He went into cardiac arrest after being tackled but the police refused to perform CPR.  He later died.  The police were cleared of any wrongdoing.


Kristiana Coignard

Kristiana Coignard was a 17-year-old girl with psychiatric disabilities. On January 22, 2015, she went to the lobby of the Longview Police Department in Texas

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Michelle Cusseaux

Michelle Cusseaux was a 50-year old woman with psychiatric disabilities who lived in Phoenix, Arizona. In August 2014, police were sent to Michelle’s home on

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