Clifford’s Owensby Interaction with Police

Clifford Owensby was driving in Dayton when police confronted his vehicle. The police officers suspected that Owensby was engaging in drug trafficking. As a result, they asked Owensby to leave his car. However, Owensby is paraplegic and couldn’t immediately get out. Therefore, the police officers grabbed Owensby by the hair and threw him into the streets. Afterwards they handcuffed him and propped him into a police cruiser. “They don’t even respect me.” Clifford Owensby spoke to the Dayton Daily News in his first interview about the incident.

Dayton Interim Director and Chief of Police Matt Carper released a message to the community and said officers and supervisors will complete training including diversity, equity and inclusion, de-escalation, bias-free policing and procedural justice. More on this story here.