Colorado: Woman with disabilities allegedly attacked by off-duty Aurora police officer files lawsuit against city

This story is an example of when even off-duty police feel entitled to abuse disabled bodies.

“A new lawsuit filed on behalf of a woman who was allegedly attacked by an off-duty Aurora police officer says the department has a pattern and practice of officers using excessive force.

Wyoma Martinez was left badly beaten outside of her apartment complex in January, allegedly at the hands of another apartment resident: off-duty Officer Douglas Harroun.”

“Defendant Harroun pulled into the parking lot. Apparently frustrated that Ms. Martinez was not moving quickly enough—owing to her CRPS and impaired gait—the Defendant began revving his engine and came dangerously close to hitting Ms. Martinez and her dog,” the lawsuit reads. “After Ms. Martinez motioned toward the icy and snow-covered pavement and indicated that she was trying her best to remove herself from the situation, Mr. Harroun pulled over, exited his vehicle, and began to aggressively berate Ms. Martinez.”

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