Daniel Kauwe

Daniel Kauwe is a person with disabilities currently incarcerated in Orange County, California, while awaiting trial.  Please send letters of support or commissary funds to support his disability-related diet needs to:

Daniel Kauwe Booking #3136618 
Orange County Sheriff’s Department
550 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana, Ca. 92703 

Commissary Funds must be sent in a money order payable to the “County of Orange – Sheriff’s Department.”  The inmate’s name and booking number must be shown on a memo line or a separate line of the money order.

Mr. Kauwe also calls on people to support the Stop the Musick campaign.  This campaign is trying to stop a proposed “mental health jail” in Orange County.  Many people with psychiatric disabilities in Orange County have had their support services cut, thus resulting in psychiatric crises that lead to their arrests.  Meanwhile, money is being cut from social services to support the incarceration of people with psychiatric disabilities. To support this campaign, go to:

Disabled &

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