Disability being used to co-opt movement against police violence – Take Action At Riverside County, CA Board of Supervisor Mtg 7/14 at 9:30am.

The Board of Supervisors for Riverside County is voting on this resolution on 7/14 to increase funding to the police by hiring social workers to handle mental health crisis. Ableism is being used to co-opt this movement by calls to fund “soft policing” in the name of addressing the supposed threats represented by peoples with psychiatric disabilities. We must oppose these measures. 1) Any responses to mental health crisis should not be addressed by the police at all and 2) social work and mental health institutions can be equally carceral so we need non-carceral approaches that don’t always position people with psychiatric disabilities as a crisis to be managed. You can find the resolution here.

The Board of Supervisor’s Meeting is on Tuesday, July 14th, 9:30am at 4080 Lemon St. Riverside
You can help by engaging in the comment section against item 3.21 online during the Board of Supervisors meeting. View the meeting live on Tuesday  here >