Eric Briceno

Blanca Briceno called police to help with her son who was experiencing an episode from schizophrenia. When police arrived Eric Briceno, her son, was sleeping. Despite being asleep, the police began beating Eric. Blanca tried to record the police assault, but the police grabbed her phone. The police proceeded to taser and pepper-spray Eric who was still in bed. They continued assaulting Eric who was crying out that he couldn’t breathe. Eric died from this attack. An autopsy report confirmed that Eric was punched, pepper-sprayed and shot with a taser seven or eight times. However, the district attorney ruled that Eric was shot in self-defense for assaulting police which contradicts autopsy evidence and Blanca’s witness testimony. ‘There was no shooting,” Blanca Briceno said. ‘There’s a lot of people like this, and they deserve to live and get the help they need. My son didn’t deserve this.’ No mental health specialists arrived on the scene when deputies killed Eric Briceno.


Angela Beck

Angela did not die in prison, but had to wait 8 months for a confirmation biopsy of lumps in her breast after imaging results indicated

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