Five Dead in Nursing Home After Sunnyview Health & Rehab Hired Nurse Linked to 17 Patient Deaths
Sunnview Health & Rehab Killer

Sunnyview Health and Rehab is the latest nursing facility with links to so-called “killer nurse” Heather Pressdee facing lawsuits from surviving family members of the Harrison woman’s alleged victims.

The family of 43-year-old Nicolas Cymbol — the youngest of Ms. Pressdee’s alleged nursing home victims — filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Butler County facility Wednesday. Marguerite Laskovich, 80, died at the facility in January 2023. Her son, Keith Laskovich, filed a lawsuit against Sunnyview earlier this month.

Both lawsuits allege the nursing home was negligent in hiring Ms. Pressdee, who by that point had worked at 10 skilled nursing facilities in the previous four years. Representatives for Sunnyview could not immediately be reached for comment.

Similar lawsuits have been filed against Belair Health and Rehabilitation in Lower Burrell, where she worked from April 2021 to January 2022. It was there, records contend, she earned the nickname “The Killer Nurse.” Families file lawsuits against Lower Burrell care home that employed ‘killer nurse’ from Harrison

Ms. Pressdee, 41, has been linked to 17 deaths across five facilities as she bounced from nursing home to nursing home, each time allegedly terminated or forced to resign. Overall, she faces charges connected to 22 patients, including five who survived.

She is charged with murder in four of those deaths — those for whom investigators could concretely prove a cause of death. In the case of the 18 others, she is charged with attempted homicide.

Cymbol is among the patients Ms. Pressdee is accused of murdering. Five Sunnyview residents died under Ms. Pressdee’s care, including three within days of each other. The lawsuit accuses the facility’s management of turning a blind eye, alleging that at least one nurse went to management about Ms. Pressdee’s behavior.

According to the lawsuit, the facility’s director of nursing replied that she “does her work.”

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