Free Darik Schaaf! Send letters of support and sign our petition. #DisabledandPunished

Darik Schaaf is a young Black man with no prior criminal record who was arrested after a mental health crisis in the Spring of 2019 in Riverside County, California. While in custody, Darik has not received necessary mental health care and has been exposed to COVID and ongoing violence. Instead of allowing Darik to enter a mental health diversion program as he has requested and has been recommended to the court, District Attorney Mike Hestrin is pursing a lengthy prison sentence for him.

Darik is like so many people, particularly Black people, with disabilities who are instantly criminalized rather than supported during a mental health crisis. The Riverside Sheriff’s office is notorious for its racism and ableism. For more information on the Riverside Sheriff, see the #bootbianco campaign.

Write letters of support and encouragement to Darik at:

Darik Schaaf #201907703
SW Detention Center
30755-B Auld Rd.
Murrieta CA 92563

Sign this petition demanding that Darik be released in the mental health diversion that program that he has requested.