Fresno Police Officers Facing Disciplinary Action for Police Misconduct

(Fresno, CA) Three Fresno police officers were fired in the third quarter of 2022 as part of 15 disciplinary actions, according to a report released Monday. The reasons for the terminations and the names of the officers were not included in the quarterly report from the city’s Office of Independent Review, which is headed up by former FBI agent and Independent Reviewer John Gliatta. Most of the findings are listed with relatively few details. The California Peace Officers Bill of Rights requires that some of the details remain confidential while others are delayed from being made public.

The 15 incidents of discipline bring the year’s total so far to 40 officers. There were 59 last year and 84 the year before that. Discipline can range from a letter of reprimand or fines – up to termination or resignation.

Along with the terminations for the quarter, 10 officers were suspended a total of 600 hours and other officers were required to attend additional training. The report includes claims and findings generated within the department or complaints from citizens, but does not say which cases led to which types of disciplinary actions.

One officer was found to have abused the use of records and did not carry out their duties, the case assigned June 3 shows. That officer also entered misleading information into reports, the review says. The report includes a few other cases, including incidents in which officers failed to turn on their body-worn cameras.

The report concluded three reviews of cases where officers fired at someone they were pursuing, and one for a man killed while in police custody. All four cases were determined to be within police policy, the report says, and included two fatal cases and two in which the person shot survived. The reviewer said though it was within policy for two officers to shoot 26-year-old Ryan Brooks, who had a green plastic toy gun in his hand on Dec. 22, he “felt the second series of shots by O2 (officer 2) were not warranted” because the fallen Brooks was no longer a threat as he lay on the ground. More than a dozen shots were fired, video shows. Advocates said the officers acted “recklessly.”