Garfield Green
Garfield Green

Garfield Green, our community member, is currently detained at Krome Detention Facility. He has experienced severe medical neglect and a lack of care during his time there. Green is an amputee and his prosthetic leg was lost when he was transferred from a Kansas Detention Center to Krome. In the last few weeks, he has been in and out of the hospital due to early release at the hands of deportation officers. We are greatly concerned with Green’s physical health. If he is deported to Jamaica, he will not receive the proper care needed due to the limited resources available. Garfield is not a threat to U.S soil and deporting him would be cruel and inhumane. Garfield deserves to be surrounded by his community, which includes his wife, children, and extended family members. We are desperately asking you to reconsider your decision regarding Garfield’s removal.

Learn more about his campaign and how you can support him here.

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