“Hope from behind bars, the fight to end Solitary Confinement in Texas”

“This story is a candid look at what it’s like to spend decades in isolation, and the struggle to rehabilitate those who have experienced it.

‘It is torture, and I think the torture begins mentally,’ said Dennis Hope.

For 32 years, Dennis Hope has been in prison.

‘When you begin to look at yourself like you aren’t human, that’s how they want you to feel. That’s when you start acting like an animal,’ said Hope.

For Hope, 27 of those years behind bars were spent in solitary confinement.

Anthony Graves spent 12 out of 18 years in solitary confinement on Death Row.

‘I know firsthand that it’s torture. I’ve watched men give up their appeals. I’ve watched men hang themselves. I’ve watched men who just go totally out of their minds because of those conditions,’ said Graves.”

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