“How Children End Up in Cleveland’s Adult Courts: A Bindover Explainer”
Four individuals wearing prison jumpsuits lined up left to right.

The Marshall Project: “Cuyahoga County transfers more children to adult court than any other county in the state. In the past decade, 94% were Black, according to state records.

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“When children are placed in adult facilities, they usually face very brutal conditions,” Leah Winsberg, an attorney with the Children’s Law Center, told the crowd. Winsberg said research show that children who serve time in adult prison are far more likely to be sexually assaulted, more likely to die by suicide, and 34 times more likely to end up charged with additional crimes.

Katherine Sato, who works with the Ohio Public Defender’s youth division, called for a moratorium on bindovers so the racial disparities can be examined. Winsberg said short of a moratorium, the county could stop transferring children as young as 14 or 15 to adult court, as well as children with developmental delays.”

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