Inhumane Living Conditions for Displaced Haitians with Disabilities

(Port-au-Prince, Haiti) A communal school in Pétion-Ville hosts hundreds of Haitians with disabilities. According to the residents, the school is devoidof basic social services such as water, hygiene and food. “When we got here, there was dust everywhere. So far the space is dirty. We are packed like sardines to sleep. This is our situation here. For me, the State does not exist,” said Samuel Jean, one of the residents.

Many of the residents were relocated due to natural disasters. “It was an event that happened that made us be here today. Our house was consumed by fire. We have nowhere to sleep. In this school we have come to take refuge,” continued Samuel Jean.

However, the camps hosting people with disabilities have been the target of attacks. On June 17, the entire La Piste camp, where people with motor disabilities, blind and deaf-mutes live, was burned. At least one disabled person died and three others were injured in the fire, according to unofficial reports. This is the second time this camp has been burned. More of this story here.