Insensitive Lyrics Are Only Part of the Problem for This Black, Disabled Activist

On this episode of The Takeaway from WNYC Studios, guest host Melissa Harris-Perry interviews Leroy Moore Jr., co-founder of Krip-Hop Nation, about the problematic nature of both policing Black language while erasing Black disabled voices, shining a light on the ways Krip-Hop Nation is working to make this change.

Leroy was born with cerebral palsy and has dedicated much of his writing and activism to disability rights. Krip-Hop Nation is a movement that uses hip-hop as a means of expression for people with disabilities and this movement has grown to different parts of the world including parts of Africa and Europe. He is also a doctoral student in linguistic anthropology at UCLA, and he writes and delivers lectures and performances that reflect the intersections between racism and ableism, in the United States and abroad. 

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