Iyad al-Halak
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(Jerusalem). Iyad al-Halak was a 32-year-old man with autism. On May 30, 2020, he was walking to a care facility for people with disabilities. Israeli border police began chasing him, shouting: “Terrorist! terrorist!” for no reason and shot him in the leg. He tried to hide. His counselor at the care facility tried to intervene and explain his disabilities. But the police officer shot him at close range and killed him. The police suffered no consequences for their actions.


Michelle Cusseaux

Michelle Cusseaux was a 50-year old woman with psychiatric disabilities who lived in Phoenix, Arizona. In August 2014, police were sent to Michelle’s home on

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Randal Dunklin

Randal Dunklin (San Francisco). Randal Dunklin was a homeless man who used a wheelchair and who has psychiatric disabilities. One day he was carrying a

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