Jesse Kersey

Jesse Kersey (Dayton, OH) is a 17-year-old young man with developmental disabilities. Jesse was riding his bike when a police officer saw Jesse and tried to speak with him. When Jesse spoke, the officer could not understand him. Jesse rode home to get his mom to translate for him. The officer thought Jesse was being disrespected and started chasing after him. The officer met up with another officer and called backup to subdue Jesse. Jesse ran to his mom and the officers shot a taser in his back. Twenty more officers arrived to subdue Jesse. The mother tried her best to protect her son but the officers began to beat him. After the officers cuffed Jesse they took him to court where he was charged with assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. The mother was charged with interfering with an arrest. The charges were dropped, and the family is suing the officers.


Jeffrey Ramirez

Jeffrey tried to alert prison staff to his health issues, but his stage 3C testicular cancer wasn’t caught until it was too late. He received

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