Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia

Join us in advocating for the mental health treatment and release of Jonathan Garcia, CDCR AN0345, currently incarcerated within CDCR.

His case highlights the critical need for comprehensive mental health care and compassion in our correctional facilities. Jonathan’s mental health has rapidly deteriorated due to the lack of intervention and support during his time in prison. For years, he has silently suffered without access to necessary care.

Recently, his sister Sandra discovered the severity of his condition when his bunkmates reached out for help. Jonathan had a trust fund linked to his prison account, holding $30,000. Unfortunately, during his cognitive decline, every cent disappeared. We suspect that one of his former cellmates took advantage of him financially, using his name for commissary purchases, leaving him penniless. Jonathan has no recollection of where his trust fund money went.

We cannot stand by and let this injustice continue! Let’s demand Governor Gavin Newsom’s intervention in Jonathan’s case, prioritizing his mental health treatment and granting him the opportunity for release. Sign our petition release Jonathan Garcia, based on the urgent need for proper mental health care and prevention of further harm. Together, we can ensure he receives the care he deserves and that the system acknowledges the significance of mental health in rehabilitation. #ReleaseForJonathan Take action! Contact Governor Newsom’s office at (916) 445-2841 to express your concerns about inadequate mental health care in correctional facilities and the urgency of Jonathan Garcia’s release. Let’s make our voices heard!

Link to petition: Jonathan Garcia

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