Kevin Colindres

Kevin Colindres (Miami, FL: 2006) was an 18-year-old man who had autism. The police were called do his home after he began fighting with this family. Colindres calmed down until the police tried to take him to a crisis treatment center. When Colindres tried to go back to his house, the police hogtied Colindres, put their weight on his back, and ignored calls from his parents to get an ambulance when Colindres stopped breathing. Many police departments have banned hogtie-type restraints, which can cause brain damage and death when detainees are deprived of oxygen for prolonged periods. Colindres fell into a coma and died one month later. A lawsuit against the police was settled through arbitration.


Ishmail Thompson

Ishmail was arrested in Pennsylvania amidst a mental health crisis, and the mental health specialist at the county jail said he should be sent to

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Adrain Kimbrough

Adrain Kimbrough, 35, has mental illness, and died after being assaulted by another incarcerated person in an Alabama prison. Adrain’s sister stated that he was

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