LAPD Being Sued for Killing Man Struggling with Mental Health

Victor Valencia was a 31 year-old Latino man mistaken for an armed Black man. Police were called and fatally shot Victor who was actually carrying a bicycle part. The son and parents of Victor Valencia, allege in their lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, that Victor presented no threat and that his rights were violated when he was confronted and shot by LAPD officer Langsdale. The family alleges Langsdale “ignored clear signs” of Valencia’s mental illness and “failed to de-escalate” the situation. They note that Valencia did not have a firearm, but a bicycle handle, and allege that Langsdale’s firing multiple times at Valencia was “excessive and unreasonable.” They also allege Langsdale failed to provide proper aid to Valencia after the shooting, and that the LAPD has failed to properly train and discipline officers. More of this story here.


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Mental Health Courts

Mental health courts (MHCs) are specialized programs designed to address the legal issues and treatment needs of individuals with mental health disabilities and substance use

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