Lawsuit Filed Against APD for Brutal Excessive Force During a Mental Health Crisis
Edwards with broken jaw

(Austin, TX) An Austin man filed a lawsuit against the City of Austin and three Austin Police Department (APD) officers. The lawsuit filed by James Edward Johnson said APD officers used excessive force while he was experiencing a mental health crisis.

“Rather than calmly talking with the distraught young man who was wearing only boxer shorts, the officers rushed and attacked him,” the lawsuit states.

According to body cam footage, officers tasered Johnson while he was thrown on the ground and beat his head into the ground, leaving him bloodied with a broken jaw. The incident happened in August 2021 and Johnson’s lawyer is seeking damages because of what he experienced both physically and emotionally.

Later on in the video, Johnson is seen trying to move his arm as officers are handcuffing him. That’s when one of the officers’ punches him multiple times while another tases him again.

Beyond the damages listed in the lawsuit, Edwards asked for change when it comes to police training and accountability.