Lebanon: Drama Therapist Helps Inmates With Mental Illnesses While Pushing for Reform

“Zeina Daccache conducts drama therapy in Lebanon’s jails to help inmates and fight for reform of the unjust penal code that can effectively sentence the mentally ill to a lifetime in prison.”

Daccache is an actress and drama therapist who pioneered the concept of drama therapy in Lebanese prisons in 2007. She created a 2021 documentary called The Blue Inmates, which explores her drama therapy work with incarcerated people.

“Drama therapy allows prisoners to tell their stories and express their feelings in a safe space. Daccache says the performance element helps build bridges between those incarcerated in Roumieh and the outside world and raises awareness of the many issues that inmates at Roumieh face.”

Drama therapy helps inmates who suffer from mental illnesses. Image by Catharsis LCDT. Lebanon, 2022.

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