Michael Zinkiewiz

Greetings. My name is Michael Zinkiewitz Jr. I’m currently confined in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, in Corcoran, California. My CDCR number is BP 8649.

I was sentenced in the Los Angeles County Superior Court (CCB), Department 33, for a crime that was never committed. Here’s my story: I was arrested on June 8, 2022, and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and Great Bodily Injury (GBI), in violation of Penal Code 825. As you know, anyone arrested or detained has a right to be arraigned within 48 hours, unless there is a holiday. In my case, I did not appear before a judge until six business days later. And therefore, my rights to Due Process were violated.

I need a lawyer to take this resentencing case. State law provides that the court had 90 days, from receipt of my motion, to act. It’s been over 120 days and the court has not done anything. Consequently, the court is violating my constitutional rights.  

I’m so mentally drained, sick and tired of CCB court causing me stress and duress. They’re giving me anxiety. All this cruel and unusual punishment out is out of line. This court is biased, prejudiced, and does nothing more than racially profile me. It takes advantage of my mental disability, and it uses its power to manipulate the justice system. The court is unjust. 

I need representation immediately. I want time credited and time served, court release, no probation, parole, no trial, period! I will be followed up with a civil lawsuit upon my return home. Five million, no less! 

I need help getting sentence and finding a civil rights attorney to take my case. 

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