Mischa Fay
Mischa Fay

Mischa Fay mental health started to decline in 2022. Police has been called to the Fay’s home six times to assist his family as they dealt with his mental health issues and behavior

Then, on New Year’s Day, Mischa Fay’s mother called 911 to ask for help with her son, who was acting erratically and armed with a knife, according to public reports.

At 9:56 p.m. on New Year’s Day, 2023, two Gilford officers responded to the Fay home. Both had been there before and were aware of his mental health struggles. Yet within two minutes, Officer Nathan Ayotte had fired his Taser – apparently with little effect – and Sgt. Doug Wall had fired a single shot into Fay’s chest, killing him. He was 17 years old.


Collage of 5 photos of Markus and other family in black & white.

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