Mohamed Bah

Mohamed Bah (New York, NY) was a Guinean immigrant in his twenties with a psychiatric disability.  He was a half-time college student and a half-time taxi driver in New York. Mohamed was very stressed about all his work and called his mother for support. His mother thought he sounded very depressed and was worried that he would do something drastic, so she called 911 to aid him.   911 sent the police to his apartment.  Panicked, Mohamed locked himself inside his room.  When the police barged through his door, they found Mohamed startled with a knife in his hand. The officers shot two tasersand a rubber bullet at Mohamed.  Mohamed reacted by lashing out with his knife at the police The police then fired their firearms at Mohamed, killing him.  Mohamed’s family is suing the police.


Charles Byers

Charles Byers

Charles Byers, who goes by Charlie, was shot and killed by Chesterfield Police during a mental health crisis. Charlie is a 34 year-old who has

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