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Taren Vang called 911 expecting mental health professionals to arrive after her boyfriend was threatening suicide. Police arrived instead of mental health professionals and Taren's boyfriend was fatally shot.

Disabled and Deaf people suffer significantly higher rates of police brutality & death than the abled. The issue is even worse for our BIPOC community members. We MUST be included in #DefundPolice & related conversations otherwise the work leaves many behind. #ACAB #CripsNCops

Disability Inclusion Society (DIS)@DISdenton

Our final event of 2020 in the news. Many thanks to all who participated and attended. #CripsNCops #Disability #PoliceBrutality


Disabled people are significantly more likely to be killed by police than the abled and the realities are worse for BIPOC Disabled people. Abolish the police and down with the state and ableism! #WalterWallaceJr #BlackDisabledLivesMatter


🚨 #StopTheMusick Action Alert 🚨

☎️Call & urge OC Supervisors to cancel the Musick “mental health” jail expansion contract & invest in affordable housing & community health care! #StopTheMusick

Join us for a phone zap tomorrow (10/28) @ 11 AM!


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