No Progress on National Police Reform Since George Floyd’s Murder

It has been one year since George Floyd’s murder by a police officer and little progress has been made in national police reform. President Joe Biden and the Democratic-controlled Congress are facing increasing pressure this week from Black civil rights leaders who say federal lawmakers have made little progress with police reform. Activists say they are demanding that the Senate pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which remains stalled. Abdullah and other Black activists have noted how quickly Congress passed the hate crimes bill addressing the rise in anti-Asian attacks but won’t pass police reform that could save the lives of Black people. Biden signed the hate crimes bill last Thursday.

The bill, George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, will create a national registry for police misconduct, ban racial and religious profiling by law enforcement, and overhaul some of the immunities police officers current have. This bill was passed again by the House of Representatives in March, and is currently awaiting vote on the Senate floor. More of this story here.