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Victor Valencia was a 31 year-old Latino man mistaken for an armed Black man. Police were called and fatally shot Victor who was actually carrying a bicycle part. The son and parents of Victor Valencia are currently suing the LAPD.

The videos, powerpoints and other material from our abolitionist rapid response mental health training are now available at this link. Feel free to share, use and adapt for your community needs.

Here are some of the links I found helpful:

@fireweedHJ's Crisis Toolkit:

WRAP's Crisis Plan

Crip Justice (@cripjustice)

Abolition and Disability Justice @AbolitionDJ

I was just interviewing @SunjaySmith from @cripjustice for a video about the child welfare system that is a project with @AbolitionDJ and he said something brilliant along the lines of "Instead of the Child Welfare System, we should call it the Child Punishment System."

Announcing the HEARD Spring 2021 Community Education Series!

Join HEARD advocates on February 20th to learn about the Legal, Medical, & Prison Systems' Impacts on Disabled/Deaf People.



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