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During a hearing, Caroline Cuddihy, CEO of Sunnyfield, admits their failure to protect disabled residents from violence. However, Sunnyfield refused to offer an apology to the three residents assaulted and abused by their workers. #DisabilityLivesMatter

Two support workers at a National Disability Insurance Scheme accommodation provider allegedly assaulted and verbally abused the residents, while trying to evict one resident after her sister had repeatedly raised concerns about what was happening.

The Australian Capital Territory has developed a “segregation” model for students with disabilities, which has lead to children consistently underperforming within these segregated schools. #SegregationIsNeverAcceptable

Join us tonight! Making decisions about it next moves for the #BootBianco and #FreeDarik campaigns and hanging out with @riversidecat911 after! DM us for the link.

We unequivocally condemn Israel's most recent massacres of Palestinians and its ongoing occupation and settler colonization of Palestine.

We write this statement in support of the Palestinian struggle for freedom, dignity, and self-determination.

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