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Potential Police Reform In Virginia

Virginia congressmen began an agenda to reform policing in Virginia days before the special session began in August. Proposed legislation encompassed overhauling police practices, changing protocols when

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During a protest, Cape Town metro police were caught on video tossing a disabled man out of his wheelchair after a verbal altercation with him. An officer proceeded to kick the disabled man while he was on the ground.

Whenever I post something critical of the mental health industrial complex, it brings out much fragility. Yes, there are good people working in fucked systems. I have a right to critique these systems. It's not about you. It's about past & present harms perpetrated by the field.

Crip Justice at Virtual Abilities Expo this weekend. We will also be doing a demo at our booth at 1pm pt Sunday on how to protecting against police violence during a mental health crisis. Registration for the expo is free and at:

The Disability Royal Commission first all indigenous hearing will be held in Brisbane and will focus on the challenges and concerns Indigenous parents face living with a disability.

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