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Potential Police Reform In Virginia

Virginia congressmen began an agenda to reform policing in Virginia days before the special session began in August. Proposed legislation encompassed overhauling police practices, changing protocols when

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The Warren family requested a mental health professional, however, a police officer arrived. After arriving, the family told the officer to leave after he exhibited a hostile demeanor. The officer returned and killed Warren sr. when he answered the door.

There has been an increase in the criminalization of homelessness. Many homeless individuals struggle with mental health, yet there hasn't been an increase in police de-escalation training.

86% of complaints against police violence in Israel are never investigated. Those that are almost never lead to criminal charges or even disciplinary action. Of the 13 police killings last year, 11 were Palestinians and two were of Ethiopian descent.

Are you part of an organization that provides crisis social services in your community? Let us know about it! We’ll add you to our database of community-based alternatives to police #DontCallThePolice

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