Police Reform for Washington State

The Washington state Legislature is proposing a sweeping police reform package that would include a de-escalation process, an independent investigative body for use of deadly force and a ban on certain police tactics. Along with pandemic relief, police reform and racial justice are top priorities this session, Senate majority leader Andy Billig, D-Spokane, said in a news conference. A police reform package will likely include legislation that would address a range of issues:

  • Ban or severely limit certain police tactics, such as chokeholds, neck restraints and the use of military equipment.
  • Implement a decertification process for officers who use deadly force.
  • Train officers to have a duty to intervene and report officers they see using unnecessary deadly force.
  • Create a database that would collect information on incidents involving use of deadly force.
  • Reform the independent investigations process that would create a new statewide investigations body to look into use of deadly force incidents.

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