Police Targeting and Killing Minority Groups in Israel

Iyad al-Hallaq was a 31-year-old Palestinian with autism when he was fatally shot by Israel police. Hallaq was unarmed and his peers called him harmless. The shooting was so disturbing that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it a tragedy and Defense Minister Benny Gantz issued an apology. Despite this, no charges has been set against the officer. Additionally, 86% of complaints against police violence in Israel are never investigated. Those that are almost never lead to criminal charges or even disciplinary action. “Police officers know that there’s no accountability, so they’re more careless when it comes to certain populations,” said Fady Khoury, a Palestinian human rights lawyer. Of 13 people known to have been killed by the police last year, 11 were Palestinians and two were of Ethiopian descent. More of this story here.