Porter Burks

Detroit: Burks, 22, diagnosed with schizophrenia, was experiencing a mental health crisis Oct. 2 when his family called the police, asking for help. Body-camera footage from a crisis intervention team (CIT) officer on hand shows Burks standing in the middle of the street while officers offer him help several times and ask him to put the knife he was holding down. Burks was instead killed by five police officers who fired 38 rounds at him in three seconds after police alleged Burks, who was carrying a knife, charged officers. Edited video from a crisis intervention officer’s body camera footage shows Burks was a good distance away from officers when he was shot.

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Charles Byers

Charles Byers

Charles Byers, who goes by Charlie, was shot and killed by Chesterfield Police during a mental health crisis. Charlie is a 34 year-old who has

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