Released Police body-cam video shows shooting of man with disabilities

The Loveland Police Department released body-worn camera video Wednesday from the officer who shot a man who is intellectually disabled and was armed with a knife. The shooting happened Aug 16th, in the 1600 block of Tennessee Street in Loveland.

In the 911 call released by the department, Judy Domina, the man’s grandmother and legal guardian, calls to request assistance for 19-year-old Alex Domina, who she says is having a mental breakdown and causing destruction inside her home. Judy Domina told the dispatcher Alex Domina recently came to live with her after being institutionalized for years.

His grandmother said he hadn’t hurt anybody and initially did not have any weapons. When asked if he’d be cooperative with police when they arrived, Judy Domina said he probably wouldn’t be. Later in the call, she told the dispatcher he had picked up a knife. “Please, please handle him with care. He… it’s mental health,” Judy Domina said.

When the officer, who the department identified as Officer Eddie Luzon, arrived on scene, the body-worn camera shows him entering the backyard of the home and Alex Domina can be seen further back holding a knife. Luzon asks Alex Domina how he is doing and to put the knife down. Alex Domina can be heard multiple times saying “I ain’t going back.”

After he pulls down patio furniture, he begins to move towards the officer. Luzon draws his weapon and orders Alex Domina to stay back and not to come near him multiple times. The video shows Alex Domina then lunging towards Luzon, who fires his gun approximately four times.


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