Robbie Ramirez
Robbie Ramirez

Robert “Robbie” Ramirez was shot and killed by Albany County Sheriff’s Deputy Derek Colling in November 2018 after Colling pulled Ramirez over for failing to signal before he turned. According to the lawsuit, Colling shot Ramirez, who had mental health conditions, once near the armpit and twice more in the back, after Ramirez fell to the ground.

The mother of a man who was shot and killed by an Albany County sheriff’s deputy two years ago has filed a federal lawsuit against the deputy, the county sheriff, the county commission and other, unnamed officials.

The lawsuit alleges that Colling, who had previously shot and killed two people as a Las Vegas police officer, used excessive and unreasonable force on Ramirez, counter to his training and to federal law. It also alleges that Sheriff David O’Malley and others didn’t discipline Colling afterward, nor was he internally investigated. Rather, the suit alleges Colling was promoted to an investigative unit.


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