Robert Ethan Saylor

Robert Ethan Saylor (Frederick, MD) was a 26-year-old young man with Down’s syndrome. Ethan admired the police force so much that he’d dial 911 just to talk with them. One day, Ethan went to a Cinema movie theater with his aide to see Zero Dark Thirty. After the movie was over Ethan wanted to see it again and refused to leave the theater. The aide left to get the car ready when a employee approached Ethan and said he would have to buy another ticket or leave the theater. When Ethan, who was waiting for his aid, wouldn’t leave, theater security called the police. The manager called security and told them that some wouldn’t leave the theater. Four police offices dragged Ethan from theater, threw him face down to the ground, and all four sat on him. They handcuffed his arms behind his back so he could not breathe. By the time the police turned him over, Ethan was dead. The officers were not disciplined.