Around July 21, I got COVID because my boss forced me to work.  I became very sick and spent three weeks in the hospital.  However, after I was released I continued to suffer from long COVID.  For instance, one day I woke up and felt like someone was stabbing my feet. I was screaming in pain.  However, doctors did not take my pains seriously and put little effort into helping me.  I became disabled and did not get better.
Then later, I started feeling even worse. When I tried to exercise, I kept falling.  I was getting heart palpitations and was in such excruciating pain that I would cry for several hours. I began to suspect something else was going on.  In doing my own research, I thought my pain was similar to other people I knew who had cancer.  I asked my doctor for an MRI, but he refused because he did not take me seriously.  I went to a neurologist and had to beg for an MRI.
When I finally got one, I was informed that I did in fact have cancer on my hip bone, and was rushed to the emergency room.  I have had to undergo six radiation treatments since then.
I was then released to an assisted living facility.  But there I found once again that I, as well as other patients there, were not taken seriously.  They even refused to let me leave the facility to get cancer treatment!  Some people are nice, but many people do not care at all about us.  I hear people screaming in the night, and no one helps them.    I have seen people have to wait an hour for emergency care. They also do not coordinate care or give correct medical information. They try to charge for services that are actually free if they use proper social service management. 
In terms of medical incarceration, my experience is that the medical profession does not take people with disabilities seriously.  They think we are making things up and do not listen to us.  I’m fighting for my life now because doctors did not take me seriously. And assisted-living facilities are often poorly run and are not client-centered.   It’s often profits over people for them.  Of course, there are many great facilities but more of them need to be client-centered and disability-friendly.

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