SF Police Officers Charges for Voluntary Manslaughter Dropped

San Fransisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins just dismissed charges in all three police shooting cases brought by her predecessor Chesa Boudin for the fatal 2017 shooting of Sean Moore.

Sean Moore was shot by an SF police officer in January 2017 and would later from his wounds three years later. Officers claimed that Moore had tried to grab their batons but bodycam video of the incident showed that did not happen. Once elected SF District Attorney, Chesa Boudin charged the shooting officer Kenneth Cha with voluntary manslaughter, which led one assistant DA to quit in protest.

However the case is being dismissed. Jenkins’s office confirmed they were dropping the case in a very unusual holiday weekend Sunday press release. “We are moving to dismiss the case against Officer Kenneth Cha as we do not believe that we can sustain our burden of proof that Cha did not act in reasonable self-defense,” the release says. “Prior to leaving office, District Attorney Gearge Gascón declined to charge this case.”

That’s not entirely true. Sean Moore died about two weeks after Chesa Boudin was sworn in as DA, and therefore was still very much alive during Gascón’s tenure. Moreover, Gascón had his eyes set on the L.A. district attorney job, and technically did decline to charge, but specifically left the case for whomever his permanent successor would be. Boudin brought the voluntary manslaughter charges about ten months into his term.

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