Stanley Howard
Stanley Howard

Stanley Howard was a 64-year old man who was shot and killed by Phoenix police officers on July 8th. Howard was experiencing a mental health crisis since he suffers from schizophrenia and depression. He called police multiple times asking for help and has a history of interacting with police during mental health crises. When police arrived, they shot him 10 times after he brandished a red, plastic water gun.



Anthony Talott

57-year-old Anthony Talotta was incarcerated at Allegheny County Jail for two weeks. He had severe mental disabilities and died while in custody. Details regarding his

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Picture of face of Kourtnee Russo

Kourtnee Russo

Kourtnee Russo (22 years) was arrested for “harassment of a public servant in Brazoria County, Texas, while having a psychotic episode. The police officer did

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