Government Shutdown Impacts On Federal Prisons

Short white buildings behind a barbed wire fence with a parking lot, and trees in the foreground.

In our newsletter this week, we looked at some of the Stolen Lives from Butner Federal Medical Center in North Carolina, the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) main cancer treatment facility. This information comes from an NPR article that also goes into detail around why staff shortages specifically heighten the already startling inadequacies of the […]

Support for Police Reform Increasing in North Carolina

(Pasquotank, NC) Andrew Brown was fatally shot by police on April 21st. Brown was killed in his car by deputies who were serving a warrant for his arrest. Since the shooting, protestors have gathered in the streets of Elizabeth City everyday for the past 40 nights. Since the shooting of Andrew Brown, North Carolina residents […]

Durham Redirecting Police Resources into Police Alternatives

(DURHAM, NC) If the city of Durham’s budget passes next month, Durham council members decided on Thursday morning that as many as 20 vacant police officer positions could be cut over the next year to help fund the city’s new community safety department. The proposed community safety department will include a total of 15 employees […]