McAlpin Parents Grieving the Death of Their Child Resulting from Police Brutality

Daniel McAlpin

Daniel McAlpin was a 41 year-old suffering from mental illness. He would have hallucinations that evil spirits lived within his house. McAlpin’ parents said McAlpin had a history of mental illness and was diagnosed with “anxiety disorder” two years before the shooting. In early March, 2020, McAlpin’s parents called state police their son’s mental health […]

Fatal Shooting of Man with Suffering from Mental Health

Pleasant Hill Shooting

Polk County Attorney Kimberly Graham determined that a fatal Aug. 12 shooting of a man by a Pleasant Hill police officer was justified under Iowa law. Graham announced her findings on Wednesday afternoon. Officers arrived at Van Heeswyk’s home where they found Heeswyk naked in a backyard with an AK-47 raised above his head. Pleasant Hill officer […]

Police Killing Mentally Impaired Black Male Eating Fruit at a Grocery Store


New York Attorney General Letitia James has ordered an investigation into the July 3 fatal shooting of a Black man by officers from the New Rochelle Police Department. Jarrell Garris, 37, died one week after being shot by an officer in New Rochelle, New York, after being accused of stealing fruit. According to FOX 5 […]

Uproar as Police Beat Mentally Unstable Woman Mourning Her Son

Kenya Protest

Peaceful Saba Saba protests begun July 7th in Kenya. Following the nationwide protests across the country, Kenyan police has been caught lobbing tear gas, arbitrarily arresting, and brutally beating the peaceful protesters. In Vihiga County, 8 human rights defenders were arrested and detained in Mbale Police Station as they marched to present their petition to […]

SF Police Officers Charges for Voluntary Manslaughter Dropped

San Fransisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins just dismissed charges in all three police shooting cases brought by her predecessor Chesa Boudin for the fatal 2017 shooting of Sean Moore. Sean Moore was shot by an SF police officer in January 2017 and would later from his wounds three years later. Officers claimed that Moore had […]

Black Male Chased and Crippled by Police Officer

Khalif Cooper

During a Saturday in Paterson, NJ, Mr. Cooper heard gunfire around him. As a result, Mr. Cooper began running for his life. While running away from the gunshots, a police officer, officer Moravek saw Mr. Cooper running and started chasing him. Officer Moravek was convinced Mr. Cooper was holding a gun, which he wasn’t, and […]

Border Police Officer Acquitted After Killing Palestinian with Disabilities

The Border Police officer who shot and killed Iyad al-Hallak, a Palestinian with special needs, in eastern Jerusalem in 2020 was acquitted of all charges by a Jerusalem district court on Thursday afternoon. Hallak, a 32-year-old student, was shot dead on his way to school near the Lions’ Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City. In the Border Police’s […]

Lack of mental health resources initiative before police kills woman

Three San Antonio police officers have been charged with murder in the shooting death of a 46-year-old mother of four last month. Melissa Perez, who had schizophrenia, was suffering from a mental health crisis. Despite officers being trained on dealing with people in crisis, she was killed. Paul Flahive with Texas Public Radio reports. On […]