“Restarting your life after prison: Providing Medicaid at reentry can help”

According to this opinion piece: “Justice-involved people have higher rates of physical and mental health problems, from hypertension to asthma, cancer, infectious diseases and substance use disorders. Once released from jail or prison, they lose medications for such conditions, and reestablishing prescriptions, supportive care and health coverage is a slow and frustrating process. But now New […]

“We continue to send people with mental disorders to prison, because there seems to be nowhere else for them to go.”

Prison cells with single beds

Have jails become the replacement for mental hospitals? reports, “researchers looked at data from all 3,141 U.S. counties and singled out variables that could influence jail population per capita. After analyzing their data, it became clear that, as the report puts it, “counties with smaller populations, larger percentages of individuals that did not graduate […]