4 Houston Police Officers Fired Over The Deadly Shooting Of Nicolas Chavez

Picture of Nicolas Chavez

“City Council member Robert Gallegos…said the shooting underscored the need for better mental health services in Houston. ‘We should be sending more mental health professionals to a psychiatric crisis, not just armed law enforcement officers…The police alone are not the right people to intervene in psychological crises. It is not the right way to enhance […]

Thirty miles from where Nathaniel Julies was murdered, Tshepiso Adoons, a 22-year-old with psychiatric disabilities, is shot and killed by police in Tembisa, South Africa

Picture of Tshepiso Adoons

(Tembisa, South Africa). On Monday, September 7, 2020, the mother of Tshepiso Adoons, called the police to assist her in getting psychiatric help for her 22-year-old son, Tshepiso Adoons. Instead the police shot and killed him in his home when he hid from the police. An investigation into his death in ongoing. More of the […]